Conditions for Participation 2023

“Paços’ Premium” International Music Competition – 2023

Conditions for Participation

1. The Registration Form, completed online, must be submitted between 1st of May and 15th of June 2023, via the AMPB website: No registrations shall be accepted beyond said date.

2. Applicants must also send a (sharp) photo and a photocopy of the Identity Card or Citizen’s Card.

3. A copy of solo music scores and one copy of the piano part (whenever accompanied) in digital format shall be submitted with the registration form.

4. Registration fees shall be as follows:

Categories A and B – 65.00€
Categories C and D – 55.00€
Categories E, F and G – 45.00€

Academy members get 20% off. Payment can be made via bank transfer to the following IBAN: PT 50 0018 211305591321020 95 (It is mandatory to send proof of payment). In the event of withdrawal from the competition, this amount is non-refundable.

5. The given program may not be changed after the application is sent in.

6. Each student must present the repertorie in the step they are proposing.

7. The candidate’s age is considered as of 31st of December 2022.

8. Participants shall be introduced in alphabetical order, within the level in which they are competing.

9. In each level, the first 16 (sixteen) registrations will be admitted, except in level A, where only the first 9 (nine) registrations will be accepted.

10. Every public performance shall take place at the Dr. Arménio Carvalho Auditorium on the AMPB premises. The public will have to attend each performance in its entirety and shall not be able to leave or enter during each one of them.

11. The repertoire of the final round will have to be different of elimination round.

12. The performance schedule and timetable shall be abided by, as previously stipulated, where of candidates shall be made aware, via electronic mail until 48 hours before the beginning of the performances.

13. Candidates will all be allowed to rehearse at the place where elimination round and single performances are to be given, and at a time to be set by the competition’s organizing committee.

14. Candidates shall provide their own Accompanying Pianist (despite not shouldering any responsibility, the Academy may provide contacts of possible accompanying pianists).

15. Winners (1st Prize Winners) from previous competitions may enter only in higher age categories.

16. Participants shall be solely responsible for expenses for personal travel and accommodation.

17. The organization is not responsible for the non-use of original scores, nor for copyright payments. The organization warns that the use of musical score must always be guaranteed only by legally admissible means or supports, under penalty of the user incurring a criminal offence.

18. The Academy can provide a list of music stores where foreign applicants can get Portuguese composers pieces, if applicable and these are their choice.

19. The Laureates’ Concert will be recorded and broadcast live by the Paços de Brandão Music Academy.

20. When candidate formalizes her application, authorize/grant the use of your data to publicize and promote the Competition, to the extent necessary.

21. It shall be incumbent on the Competition’s Organizing Committee to resolve issues not included in these rules.