“Paços’ Premium” International Music Competition – 2021

Competition Prizes


1. There are 3 prizes per category (first, second and third prizes), along with honorable mentions and certificates of participation; no ex-aequo prize shall be awarded in any category.

Categories A
1st prize – 1100.00€ + Recital in one of the Museums of the Municipality of Santa Maria da Feira + Trophy
2nd prize – 300.00€ + Trophy
3rd prize – 200.00€ + Trophy

Category B
1st prize – 450.00€ + Participation in the Opening Concert of the Paços’ Premium 2022 + Trophy
2nd prize – 250.00€ + Trophy
3rd prize – 150.00€ + Trophy

Category C
1st prize – 200.00€ + Trophy
2nd prize – 100.00€ + Trophy
3rd prize – 50.00€ + Trophy

Category D
1st prize – Certificate + Trophy + Masterclass in Accordion, Violin, Flute and Clarinet at the 21th Further Training Courses of Music at AMPB
2nd prize – Certificate + Trophy
3rd prize – Certificate + Trophy

Category E, F e G
1st prize – Certificate + Trophy
2nd prize – Certificate + Trophy
3rd prize – Certificate + Trophy

2. Revelation Prize: the panel of jugdes shall select the candidates in each instrument the competition; winners will be invited to take part in the International Music Day Concert, on October 1, 2021, at the AMPB Auditorium.

3. Excellence Prize: at the end of the Winner’s Concert, the committee comprising the Educational Direction of AMPB, a representative of the AMPB Administrative Direction and the Artistic Director or representative of Paços de Brandão International Music Festival will select the candidate that most stood out during said Concert, who shall be invited to participate in the 44th Paços de Brandão International Music Festival in 2022.

4. Orchestra Prize: also at the end of the Winner’s Concert, the commission referred to in point 3, will select the best category A laureate who will receive the Orquestra Prize, performing in the 2021/2022 season of the Orchestra Youth Symphony of Santa Maria da Feira.

5. Certificate of participation for every candidates.

6. The official awards ceremony shall take place at the Winner’s Concert, where all winning candidates shall undertake to be present. Should a winning candidates not be on hand at this ceremony, (s)he shall not be awarded the corresponding prize.